How to Get a Peaceful Nights Sleep! Insomnia Help.

Here’s some top Relaxing Records tips for a peaceful nights sleep!

  1. Regulate your bodies clock

    Stick to the same sleep schedule every day, going to bed and waking up at the same time. This allows your body to fall into a natural sleeping pattern, and you will feel less tired once your body gets used to it. Try to even stick to this cycle at the weekend, who knows – it might make Monday’s seem more bearable!

  2. Avoid power napping

    You may feel like your brain needs a rest mid afternoon, but napping is one of the main causes of people having trouble sleeping at night. Eliminate your catnap and you may find yourself drifting off a bit easier in the evening.

  3. Wind down

    Give yourself an hour before bedtime to do something which relaxes your brain. Try to avoid electronic devices, as the light from them can activate the brain. Try reading a good old fashioned book instead!

  4. Pamper yourself into a routine

    Any excuse eh?! Run a warm bath and try one of the millions of aromatherapy products that help with muscle relaxation and promote a restful sleep. You wont regret it!

  5. Write a ‘to-do’ list

    Seriously, it works. By writing a to-do list of things you need to get done the next day, you are organising your thoughts and eliminating any distractions that may keep you awake at night.

    Sweet dreams!